Scholarship (Tuition Remission) Fund

Most of our children are bright individuals who are eager to do well.  As such, special services that are usually reserved for children who are more globally impaired are often not available, and our children are known to "fall between the cracks."  Also, they often require many types of treatment in addition to pragmatic language therapy (eg., occupational therapy, counseling, speech/language, psychopharmacology, etc.) which gets very expensive. 

The purpose of our tuition remission fund is to enable more children to participate in our program by providing affordable tuition rates. Since The Drama-Play Connection, Inc. is a tax exempt corporation under Section 501©)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code, contributions to The Drama-Play Connection Tuition Remission Program are tax-deductible.  Donating partial or full tuition can make a big difference for one child. 

Application guideline/requirements:

1) Eligibility for camp tuition remission is based on financial need.

2) All children and adolescents attending The Drama-Play Connection in financial need will be considered equally.

3) Ask for a reasonable amount. Full remission is usually not granted.

4) Tuition remission is made after acceptance to the program.


Student Scholarship Program Guidelines

1. Individuals, corporations, or organizations may contribute to our tuition remission fund by making the check payable to: The Drama-Play Connection.

2. The purpose of the Tuition Remission Program shall be to assist persons who otherwise could not financially attend our program. The Drama-Play Connection Board of Directors shall oversee the Tuition Remission Program. Race, creed, sex, or color shall not be determining factors.

3. As contributions are received by The Drama-Play Connection, acknowledgment letters shall be completed for each donor. Donors are also invited to attend our end of summer Premiere and Cast Party.

4. Owners, operators, or employees of The Drama-Play Connection and their immediate family members shall not be eligible for tuition remission.

5. The donor shall not exercise any influence in the selection of a qualifying student. A donor cannot donate funds in the name of any particular student. Please do not ask if you can donate your childís or a friendís tuition. Given the tax-deduction of such donations, this would be considered a conflict of interest.


The Drama-Play Connection would like to thank the following donors, in alphabetical order, who have helped either our program and/or families of children attending our program.

Anonymous (2) - Tuition Remission Donation
The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust - Tuition Remission Donation
The Charles E. Harwood Trust
- Computers for our Graphic Design
  and Film Editing Workshops
- Black Robes for 2006 summer's
  movie, our version of Harry Potter!
- Tuition Remission Donation
- Tuition Remission Donation
- Gift Card for our Prize Store
- Tuition Remission Donation and
   Vans for our field trips.