This program serves all children and adolescents interested in drama and film.  Many of our students function well in most areas, but are struggling with social understanding and peer relationships.   Children and teens in our program may present with ADHD, Asperger's Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, PDD-NOS, and Social Anxiety.  Many of the children present with no diagnosis, but struggle with shyness.  We have also had an increasing number of children attend who are academically gifted and struggling to connect with their mainstream peers.

Our students are bright, compliant and very motivated to work with a group.  Also, they are eager to make friends and learn skills to do so.  Our program is designed to help these children acquire the skills necessary to function more competently with their peers.  

Our program works well with children who are generally cooperative and do not engage in aggressive behavior.  As our program is a safe place for children to practice their skills, teasing and bullying are not tolerated.  Therefore, we are not able to accommodate children who are aggressive or compromise the safety of others.  Also, we are not able to accommodate children who are disruptive or present with profound attentional issues or impulsivity that compromises the progress of the group. 


Please contact Liana Peņa Morgens, Ph.D. for more information at (781) 899-1160