Our Peer Model Program

Our program developed out of the demand for our dramatic instruction and experience.  As such, we are very excited to introduce an integrated model to our Summer Drama Workshop.

At our program, Peer Models enjoy all the workshops, film experiences, field trip and activities offered as part of our regular 9am to 2pm day.  Peer models enjoy the day as a regular summer student of drama, as they would at any camp.  As the program is fully integrated, there is no overt distinction made among the students.









Other Information

The tuition for the Peer Model program is $2,500 for the 6 weeks.  This includes admission for the outings, as well as the cost of 2 additional acting workshops in the After-Camp program.  Partial programming for the Peer Model program is not offered.  Also, our program is a full 6 weeks.  We do not offer partial-summer programming. 

This summer, we are offering up to10 Peer Model slots.  Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Appropriate applicants are those children and teens who are interested in drama and have demonstrated strong social, community, and leaderships skills in different settings. 

Our Application Packet and Checklist are below



All applications are dated upon arrival.  All prospective campers are required to attend a consultation as part of the application process.

Return campers are not required to pay an application fee, but must submit this year's return-application.  Return campers have until March 1st to reserve their slot for this summer.

Please do NOT send applications certified, requiring a signature.  We are not in our offices full time, and are likely to miss the postal carrier. 

Please contact Liana Morgens, Ph.D. for more information at (781) 899-1160